Skippy's teeth have been yellow for a while, and on a recent visit to the vet, we asked if he felt it was time for a cleaning. Skippy is 4 and had previously had a full-anesthesia cleaning (at a different vet's office) a couple of years ago.

The doc said his teeth were probably "one out of four" on a scale of needing to be cleaned, and mentioned that if we were interested in going ahead with it, that he would recommend their non-anesthetic cleaning option, primarily because he felt Skippy is laid back enough to be suitable for it. The cost is US$165 and it typically takes 30-60 minutes, apparently.

However, we are less concerned about the potential cost savings, and more interested to know if anyone here has opted for the non-anesthetic dental cleaning option recently, and if so, what your experience/s have been?

With what limited knowledge I have, it appears that the most obvious advantage would be not having to incur the risk of putting Skippy through general anesthesia, while the most apparent disadvantage would be discomfort/pain as he goes through the procedure? Are there other factors that I might be missing?