My dog has started limping the beginning of this past July. She doesn't show pain or wince, still walks on the leg but is significantly lame on her right front leg. We have brought her to 7 different Vets including 2 neurologists and an orthopedic vet and no one can explain her limp. She did not injure herself when she started limping, just woke up one day and had a limp that progressively has gotten worse. She's been on Rimadyl, Dermamaxx, and is now on Gabapentin and some other pain pill that starts with an A and still does not get better. We brought her to Tufts in mass and she had an MRI and it came back clear because one neurologist suspect syringomyelia and the other thought it must be a disc in her neck. Nothing, it was all clear. They also did a spinal tap to see if it's Meningitis and that came back clear too. She's had 2 Lyme tests that all came back negative. Xrays on her leg that also came back clear. We have spent thousands of dollars and have gotten nowhere and the poor dog is still limping. The other day I was cradling her in my arms like a baby rubbing her belly and all of a sudden she started howling in pain and went to the floor and her right hind leg almost looked like it was dislocated. She couldn't walk for about 5 mins but then was fine and has not shown pain since. She passes every physical exam and never gives any consistent signals as to to what is paining her to the vets. I'm frustrated with Vets and am worried about my dog so thought maybe someone else has experienced this and might have insight as to what is going on with her. We've spent so much money and the poor dog has not gotten better. Please anyone that can help?