My husband and I adopted two female cavaliers that are 16 months old. We adopted directly from the owners who were divorcing and new living arrangements did not allow for pets. These two girls have been together since they were puppies (they came from the same breeder but have different parents) This is our first time to adopt and in the past we have had Springer Spaniels. We ADORE these two and they seem to be adapting well to their new home (with the exception of housebreaking!)

I have read about all of the health issues that this breed can have and I want to make sure I do everything right to hopefully ensure they will live long happy lives!

Right now my biggest concern is that one of the girls seems to suddenly have a thin dull coat. I pulled up some photos of her when we got her (two months ago) and she was fluffier and her brown coloring was more vibrant. I plan on taking her to the vet this week but wanted to ask the group if this is something that is typical to cavaliers!

I am also interested to know the right foods. Currently they eat Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream - thats what our Springer ate and it helped her with itchiness.

Any and all advice is appreciated