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Thread: Hazards of Dog Walking

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    Default Hazards of Dog Walking

    Some of you might remember a few months ago Fletcher and my son, Mr. Monster were running around the house and Mr. Monster tripped over Fletcher and hit the coffee table face first. It lead to my little guys first stitches because his two bottom teeth went thur his upper chin.
    Well, Fletcher has struck again, this time I got hurt. Ok, let's honest neither time was my sweet Fletcher's fault. I was out walking him this morning, lots of people use the great paths in my neighborhood. Most of the time Fletcher is a great on lead however I have never been able to get him not pull when we pass a kid. Fletcher is just such a kid dog and super friendly.....I have tried several training methods etc so I just resign myself to changing our walking path to avoid any problems. We just walk off the path well out way, stop and wait of the kid or kids to pass. It works, its just what I do.

    So a Mom is walking with her two smaller kids riding their trikes I go to step off the paved path rolledl my ankle and quickly fall right onto the ground!!!!!!!!!!! Nice right, I'm sure that is one of the most graceful things I have ever done. Boy, did I feel so stupid. I did not loose grip of the lead tho and poor Fletcher just stood there over me like "Mommy!" the woman was helpful and I sat on the ground for a few minutes. Her kids were all about Fletcher tho! Strangely, my ankle didn't hurt but I knew I had done something nasty to my shoulder. So I got up after sitting there with dirt all over me thoroughly embarrassed and went home in some serious pain. No, like the smart person I don't walk with my cell phone.

    Anyway, my husband took me to the ER for xrays. Sure enough I have a badly sprain wrist and just to add some fun to my life a few fractures (not complete breaks) in my upper arm bone near my shoulder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in a sling now have to go see ortho Monday, however I was told surgery is rarely needed with type of injury and casting will not be needed either but let me tell you it hurts!!! And was not the way I wanted to start my weekend.
    "If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life."
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    Oh how awful for you! I guess we can be positive and thus be glad it was not your skull. I tripped and fell in the house last year, used my hands and arms to break the fall, and it triggered my then-dormant shoulder impingement syndrome. Only in the last month has the pain been completely gone. I KNOW your pain is far worse than anything I went through. I hope ibuprofen can help. Take care,,,, and please be careful when walking outside.


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