It's Maggie's first birthday next week.
We are getting together with her sister Carly next week for photos.

Carly and Maggie have always looked identical in markings. Except Carly's always been very little. And Maggie is now a little overweight. Something I had been fearing. And we are working on. 2.5 pounds.

Anyways. So they look alike. We plan on doing pupcakes and birthday hats. We are both armature photographers.

Today I took her to the groomers to get a trim. Her feet needed done. Her mutton chops needed cut. She had a lot of fluff I wanted controlled and a small sanitary shave.

Anyways. She said she was gonna have to shave the ears. "She has too many matts," but I. Didn't think they were that bad. I occasionally cut out a Matt or two. But she did

I dropped her off. Our apt was at 4. They said she'd be ready by 7 !!!!!! My hair Doesn't even take that long. I guess they were running behind. I never woulda dropped her off on time if I knew they'd take that long

Anyways I called back quickly and asked them not to shave the ears.
They called back an hour later and said they had to. They had no choice. Under neat there were too many matts.
I started choking up on the phone and got off quickly. Bursting into tears.
Her ears were my favourite part of her looks. So curly and fluffy.
And now our photo shoot next week would be ruined.

Cried off and on until I picked her up.
She Doesn't look too bad. But I miss her fluffy cavalier ears. She has a beagle head now.

I know it could be worse. Oliver came home accident,y shaved once. Our groomer called mom in tears and said he looked like a potato. Lol
But today didn't pan out how I hoped.
It was a bad hair day.

These pictures suck. I wasn't trying at all. Lol. Just some to show family I was crying to. But you can kinda get the picture.

Any typos or weird words I'm on the iPad. It autocorrects. Sorry.