RE. my previous post on Pippin- We went back to the vet today and she is very happy with his heart, listening to it she said it is very stable and sounding good and the lungs sound clear. He is less exercise intolerant and enjoying a slightly longer walk, sleeping easily too and has more energy when awake. He is to continue with the cardalis only half a tablet daily, low dose, keep on the cardisure and back in 6 months for a scan provided there is no change or if any change sooner.

All in in we are happy that he is doing well and things are stable for now so we will enjoy him while we can. At this moment (5.30) he is barking for dinner, which is always at 6-6.30! He is constantly hungry, except when he sleeps, it's the effects of the phenobarbital and he was always a greedy doggy So off to give him some raw carrot to tide him over until dinner, tried giving dinner to him earlier but he looks for more before bed then!
He gets just what he needs morning and evening with fruit/veg and home made biscuits in between. But nothing is ever enough for our Pip!