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We add supplements just before serving the meals, so that we can give each dog the supplements which it needs. They include bone meal for calcium for all of the dogs in every meal, which is essential to balance potassium in the meat,
Added calcium is needed in home prepared diets (both raw and cooked) in order to balance with PHOSPHORUS, not potassium. If inadequate calcium is in the diet, the body will actually leach calcium from the bones which can have serious consequences. The ratio of calcium to phosphorus in a dog's diet is really important.

The reason that I know about this is because of preparing home cooked diets for dogs in kidney failure. A diet for a "normal" dog is very different from a diet for a dog with kidney disease. (I have a 16 year old who has had kidney disease for over 3 years. She is doing very well, and a home prepared diet is a key factor. Limiting phosphorus and balancing calcium/phosphorus are key components of a kidney diet. I use calcium carbonate rather than bone meal because bone meal contains phosphorus and calcium carbonate is a pure form of calcium.)