Well Merlin's vestibular, middle ear disease and Chiari has all calmed down. Medication (100mg of Gabapentin twice daily and Metacam) is working and he's more himself, in regards to his paralysis he's started to move his right ear again and also his right eye lid flickers like there's sensations coming back again. So proud of my little boy.

HOWEVER...... his limping has got much worse.

I can tell that its definately his front left leg/paw. He yelps when he gets up, he yelps when he walks around. His limp is very bad and sometimes he just holds his paw in the air.

The vet has done a full 30 minute examination on him, and found nothing, Merlin didnt yelp no matter how much the vet pulled his leg around. He thought the pain was neurological from the CM, but he said Merlin would be yelping all the time, and uncomfortable when trying to lay down or sleep, however it only seems to hurt him when he's moving around, therefore making me think he's damaged his leg or there's something worse going off.

I'm going to insist on an x-ray to see if it shows anything. I'm worried about bone cancer as this can cause lameness, limping, weakness.

Just when things were improving i'm back to square one again. Wish someone up there would give him a break, hasnt he suffered enough in his life