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    Hello all. I just welcomed Bentley, a six month old Blenheim male into our home. We have one other pet, Shamus a yellow naped amazon parrot.i have been looking at pictures of cavaliers for several years. When the subject of getting a small dog came up I forgot about the Cavaliers. We went to shelters to rescue a dog but all we could find were pits, pit mixes and chihuahuas. i knew these dogs were not what i wanted. Then I remembered the Cavaliers. I talked to several breeders and one local breeder knew another breeder who had a six month old pup they were thinking of keeping. Well, when we saw Bentley who could resist? Simply adorable.He was raised mostly in a kennel with short visits in their home and not house broken. Luckily i am retired and diligent about taking him outside. He has NOT had one accident these three days. He had never been crated at night but he accepted it that first night and has slept in it right next to me with no whining. amazing.other than sleeping he has been with me every second these three days while we bond. What a wonderful puppy. A true velcro dog. Even though you read about all the great attributes of this breed nothing seems to describe the temperment. truly a love bug.
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