Thanks for the replies. Sorry I'm just now responding.

In answer to some of the questions...I gave the treatment algorithm to the vet at the last visit and Dr. Pearce has been consulting with a neuro as well regarding Shiloh. We have increased her gabapentin as well as pain meds. Dr. Pearce is very knowledgable about SM, she certainly has exceeded our expectations since we switched vets. Dr. Pearce is also aware that financially we are not able to afford the more expensive options. Lyrica is quite a bit more expensive than the Gabapentin, so this is the reason we have stayed with it. She also does not believe that Shiloh is a good candidate for surgery. Although she is only 2, her case seems to be very severe and I will not put my dog through brain surgery. I have to trust that my vet knows best regarding the surgery. She said that even if we did have all the money in the world, she and the neuro would not recommend putting her through it.

Maybe there is a neuro out there who could guarantee Shiloh would have a great life after brain surgery, but I can only do so much. Brain surgery is just not an option for us. I'm staying hopeful that we will see Shiloh's life improve. As of late, we are starting to feel that even if she has relief for a time, this disease will absolutely continue to get worse. We have seen proof of this over the last year. We have seen proof this week. Unfortunately, we may have given her too little too late. Before starting her on the meds, she was already in very bad shape. And she continues to get worse even after being medicated. The only time she is even a little bit more comfortable is when she is sedated. I just don't think it's fair to keep a dog drugged all the time when it doesn't even relieve her pain. If she was doing great, I'd give her as many pills as it took! Believe me! But she's in misery and I don't know how long I can watch her get worse and worse. The misery seems to never end. It's HEARTBREAKING.

She's catching flies now. The other day when I bathed her her leg twitched every time the water gently touched her back. Yesterday morning she growled and snapped at my husband when he tried to gently put on her harness. Her cries are more anguished. She has been digging obsessively on the floor and we now have claw marks on the wood floor and concrete. I could care less about the floor. She scoots her bum on the pavement on walks and cries when it rubs her raw. I honestly feel like if anyone else witnessed her misery every day they would tell me I'm crazy not to give her mercy and put her to sleep. My husband feels we are delaying the inevitable and is having a hard time watching her suffer so much. Who wouldn't!? It's BRUTAL. We just feel helpless. Thanks for all of the support. It means a lot. Xo