Hello, This is my first time on this, or indeed, any site like this and having read a few of the messages, it is so lovely to see so many caring and responsible Cavalier owners!!! I am the owner of a 4 year old Blenheim, Prudence who is a complete joy!!! I got her at 9 weeks old she is a much loved and pampered pooch! Sadly she has just been diagnosed with MVD. It is very early stages, no sign of CHF yet and with the help and guidance of my lovely vet we are going to wait to see how things go before putting her on any medication as she is symptom free. I have ordered Cardiguard which is an Omega 3 supplement and I just wondered if anyone had any other advice as to how I might be able to help Pru keep as fit and well for as long as possible? Many thanks, Joanna and Pru