I'm at work about sick with worry right now, and I am wondering if anyone has experienced something similar.

Last night after I picked my little Flutie up from daycare, she seemed perfectly normal. A couple hours later, I noticed she was drooling. She NEVER drools. She was also hacking as if she was trying to cough up a piece of food. She has done this before, when she eats or drinks too quickly. This wasn't the case so I couldn't understand why she was doing it. The drool was so severe all night, she woke up with a big puddle around her face.

This morning when her dad and I were getting ready for work, instead of jumping off the bed, following us and barking at us to throw her toy, she just laid in the bed. She did not seem to want to eat or drink. Also, she would not let me touch her face. When I would try to touch her cheek or ear area, she shied away. She also raised her ears up like she was afraid.

No crying, nothing seems to be in pain, and I checked her gums and mouth, everything looked normal. I have a vet's appointment for this afternoon but I thought maybe somebody would have advice in the meantime? This seems to be one of the only forums where people don't scare others half to death with horrible diagnoses.

BTW, Flutie is 2, and has never been diagnosed with health problems. She only weighs 6 pounds, which, I know, is really tiny!

Please, any thoughts would be appreciated.