we have had bentley for one week now. he is 6-1/2 mos. old. i had no idea the hunting instincts were so strong in cavaliers. bentley is hunt driven, his nose is on the ground when he isnt sleeping.

he has kong and nylabone chewies which he loses interest in quickly. i am torn about the bone idea. i do not advicate rawhide or anything like that but Bentley needed something so i bought him a natural steamed bone to chew that wont splinter or swell up.

i gave it to him in the house tonight. he was absolutely thrilled, carried it around for an hr in his mouth like he couldnt believe his good fortune.

then disaster, he began digging at the carpet to bury it. i had to take it away to save the carpeting. i have had dogs before but the poodles did not chew much or bury their chewies. they acted more like cats i guess.

this is an eye opener for me. he is a great, really smart, affectionate puppy and it will take some time to get used to his behaviors. everything i read did not prepare me for a pup that acts like a miniature brittany spanial.