We got Bentley 8 days ago. He is six months old and was with the breeder all that time, they intended to keep him but changed their minds, deciding to get out of dog breeding. He was raised with his Daddy and other dogs. He was in their kennel but allowed some time in their house as well but wasn't really a "house dog" per se.

I was told he wasn't "house broken" when we got him but in the 8 days we have had him he is spot on going outside to do his business (lucky us). He was never crate trained but he sleeps in his crate next to my bed at night and never makes a peep, going into it willingly and sleeps all night. I do have to keep alot of toys and things for him to chew or he could be a problem if he gets bored in the house. He and I play fetch and spend time outdoors for exercise as well.

I do have one question? How do you NOT spoil these dogs? They are under your feet, at your side and looking for you to love them 24/7 and if you are home all day long like I am that is ALOT of attention. Does this create a separation anxious situation when you can't be here? Is there any way to avoid that?

Just a question I have for future reference. Whoever said these are velcro dogs sure had that right.