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Thread: Eye pain related to SM?

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    Unfortunately the only vet neurologist is in Helsinki. At this point I wouldn't put him through a train journey there (10hrs there and back) unless it would really make a difference. Sammy's regular vet who I saw today is also an eye-specialist and I trust her a lot. When I told her Sammy had a vestibular episode, she was able to reply right away 'that's not a vestibular episode'. She used a device to look within the eyes and was able to describe with a good degree of certainty what she was seeing (which was actually different in each eye) and what causes it in the brain. The thing that isn't clear is what caused the brain damage in the first place and whether it can repair itself. Her theories were stroke, tumor, toxicity as a result of liver failure, or most likely fluid related to SM (in which case relieving the pressure may provide a lot of relief).

    The frusimide is for the heart, as she estimated his murmur as grade 4 now. Much louder than last spring. He hasn't had symptoms though - no coughing, exercises happily.
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