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    Default SM in 5 year old dog

    She has always been an itchy dog but she never air scratched and doesn't seem to focus on on side. She does roll on her back a lot and growl at her back. She also does not tail chase. She does scoot her butt across the floor often, but no more than 5 scoots. I do find the occasional flea on her despite her having regular flea treatment and we have tried different types, they just seem to love her. Our house probably needs to be bug bombed.

    There are some other reason why I'm concerned about SM, we have always joked about her being a drama queen because she yelps loudly when we pick her up. but not all the time it just seems to be occasional if we pick her up in a weird way. There was an episode a couple years ago though where picking her up in any way would make her yelp. Also I noticed she walks with her back legs far apart on walks. I don't know if she always does this or maybe its a cavalier thing since I know some breeds tend to walk with their legs far apart.

    Anyways, a week ago she got into some stuff and ate it. The next day she came up to me and went in my lap and was whining. I gave her a kiss on top of the head and she yelped out in pain. She also seemed lethargic that day. My mom also later in the day pet her on her head and she yelped out again. And about 30 min later she was on the couch and went from a laying down position to a sitting up position and yelped out again. When we let the dogs go outside to use the bathroom that day too she would bark in excitement like she always does, but it was a mix of excitement and pain yaps. We figured it was because of what she ate since she passed it all and it all came out in one stool, and her next stool was normal.
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