Many of you in Ireland will know of the recent deeply sad story of Peggy Mangan and her tricolour cavalier, Casper.

Peggy Mangan had Alzheimers but remained active at home with her family and her much loved cavalier Casper. Recently, she left the house as she often did to take Casper for a walk and never came home. A huge hunt was launched over Dublin. Tragically, she was found many miles from home in a open ground, several days later, where she had passed away. Next to her stood Casper, who never left her side.

Sadly, Casper then died only a couple of hours later. He has become a true symbol of the sweetness and loyalty of a cavalier.

Peggy Mangan's family have launched a new foundation to raise funds for, and awareness about, Alzheimers, missing persons, and the loving role dogs can play in people's lives Peggy Mangan Foundation.

Here is how they describe the role of the Foundation:

Peggy Mangan Foundation is being set up to support Alzheimers sufferers and Missing Persons

On Tuesday 24th September, Peggy left her home on Mount Tallant Avenue and went out for one of many walks she took each day with her beloved Cavalier King Charles Casper. Peggy never returned home. Her body was located beside Ikea on Saturday 28th September by a group of volunteers that had joined the search. Casper, Peggys loyal companion stayed with Peggy and died with hours of her body being located. The Peggy Mangan Foundation has been established to support those that are afflicted by Alzheimers, to help raise awareness and support Missing Persons families in Ireland and to help raise better awareness of the supports that are available when people go missing, especially the important role that dogs can play.
One fundraising activity is to be a walk on December 12 that will retrace the long walk she took, from near Mt Jerome Cemetery to near IKEA. Anyone would be most welcome and I am sure, especially dogs and most especially, cavaliers.

People could join at any point and not do the whole walk, I should think. There's more information on the walk, HERE.

Perhaps we could organise a cavalier troupe to do the walk, and raise funds through CavalierTalk?

I heard Peggy's son on radio talking about how the greatest comfort the family had was knowing his mother had Casper by her side all the way to the end as he would have brought her reassurance and affection, and she was totally devoted to him.

Her family have posted this on the site:

As time passes and we relive the joy of Pegg'ys life, we keep asking questions, and one of them is about Casper. Knowing her as we did, and as a lot of you have become to know of her life, she was devoted to her family and in most recent years, especially to her beloved Cavalier King Charles, Casper, her devoted companion. Their story remains incredible and is beyond words. We found this online tonight and think that it explains Casper's devotion to Peggy and likewise Peggy's devotion to Casper. Makes sense for both of them as there was a common love for Cadburys Chocolate Fingers and going for loads of walks! Have a read, as this was Casper through and through!!

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a beautiful small dog that undoubtedly is a contender for the title of "top tail-wagger." In fact, among the characteristics that Cavalier breeders strive to attain is a tail in constant motion when this breed is moving.

If the characteristic wagging of the Cavalier's plumy tail doesn't melt your heart, surely his large, dark round eyes will. Warm and lustrous, with a sweet expression, they hold the power to extract constant petting and unlimited supplies of food from people under their spell.

Think its true to say that Casper melted Peggy's heart and kept it warm to the very end, literally. A diamond of a dog and the ultimate pet.

Peggy and Casper, forever loved and never forgotten!