Hi - I wanted to add my experience about having 2 puppies at the same time. My Lily is 9 today (Halloween baby) and we got Winston 5 months later and never had one issue . Lily was only six months at the time and showed him the ropes ,how to go thru doggy door, eating rules,manners and so forth. Lily is very layed back always has been. They have kept each other company when we aren't home and are not overly attached to each other. My breeder is amazing and feels like if you have the time and energy it can be a rewarding experience for you and the puppies . She has been a breeder for 30 years and has a waiting list so its not like she wants to make a extra sell and she will take back a Cav if it doesn't work in your home and place it with a new one. I haven't had any health issues as of yet but do think that money should be a factored in. I think a lot of it can depend on the environment and personality of the dogs. All that being said we just purchased a new Blen boy Henry 14 weeks now and he is a handful !! I would love to get another one but realize after reading all the information out there that I had a great situation the first time and it would be a nightmare to have 2 spunky Cavs at once for me ,I'm exhausted with Henry !! I'm having a much harder time getting my older ones to interact at all with our new addition they act like he's invisible. Thought Id add what I've gone thru to those who have made the jump and commited to 2 puppies . This website is so helpful and interesting. Best to you all .