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Thread: Choosing a breeder - BUYER BEWARE

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    Red face Choosing a breeder - BUYER BEWARE

    I have two young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's - I purchased each from different registered breeders. The first time around we did our best to do some research and choose a reputable breeder as far as health testing.
    The first breeder we used ............................. in Guelph, Ontario is one that I would HIGHLY recommend purchasers STAY AWAY FROM as we have run into problems. We have a beautiful happy and so far healthy puppy (now dog) from them - however the breeder has no integrity and has lied to us and others... as well as broken the contract both she and I signed. In short, we paid quite a bit for him and he was supposed to be registed and come with papers, she has not registered him, we have not received any papers and she refuses to give us any of our money back.

    I would suggest really trying to get reviews and check references before going choosing a breeder - as I have learned first hand that even with a signed contract and documentation - you can still get scammed.

    Our second puppy was purchased at a breeder called St. Mary's, Ontario - she is healthy and that breeder followed through with everything she was supposed to. I would recommend this breeder.

    Happy puppy picking!

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    Sorry this happened to you.
    Do you know or have any way to determine the parentage of your dog?
    Do you know whether or not the breeder is a member of the CKC--Canadian Kennel Club?
    There are at least two breed clubs for cavs--provincial and national you could contact unless you already have. Such behaviour is against the CKC rules.
    If so the breeder would be in a world of trouble if reported to them.
    My first cav from iffy circumstances too so I think I understand how you feel.

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