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Thread: A Cavalier Miracle has occurred

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    Default A Cavalier Miracle has occurred

    I wanted a Yellow Naped Amazon parrot for 30 years. Circumstances being as what they were it never happened until November, 2012. I got this parrot and he was an older Male bird, set in his ways, very independent and he bonded tightly with hubby. Anyone who knows these birds know how moody and one person they can be. Up until 3 weeks and 2 days ago I could not walk by his cage without him lunging out to bite me hard, trying to attack me. Very nasty most of the time, even though I am the one who feeds and takes care of him. Of course I was heartbroken that my dream bird did not want anything to do with me.

    We got Bentley, our Cavalier Puppy 3 weeks and 2 days ago now. Since that date the Parrot has switched 180 degrees. The day after we got the dog the bird has become my most loving, sweetest bird. I spend a ton of time with him with him nuzzling up to me, scratching his head and him grooming both he and I. He calls me when I take the dog outside. He wants so badly to be included in my relationship with Bentley. We have breakfast together every morning and play on the sofa in the evenings.

    This turnaround is nothing less than amazing. And since nothing else has changed I have to attribute this turnaround to getting Bentley. The competition for attention has made all the difference. Now I have not one but two really sweet loving pets. It truly is a miracle to me. Bentley brought a whole house full of love when he walked into our door that obviously rubbed off on the parrot.
    Video of morning at the breakfast table a couple of days ago.

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