Several years ago I had a siamese cat who may have had a little Cavalier in him. He was the cuddliest cat, fetched a ball all day if you let him, on my lap, followed me all over the house. My how i adored this cat.

He started losing weight and I took him to the vet. After many trips to the Vet it was discovered that he had swallowed a piece if string that wrapped around his intestines and they could not remove it. He died and i was just devestated.

For this reason I am very cautious about letting Bentley chew on rope toys that can come unraveled and can become string. He had an old towel on his dog bed which he chewed and you could see the strings hanging off of it. As much as he loved this towel into the trash it went.

Just a word of precaution from someone who lost a very much loved pet for something I had never thought was a danger.