hi everbody,

I really need your advice for my friend's 7 years olad rescue cavalier, Suslu. She is rescued from a shelter and has bad health issues. She probably has sm, my friends could not have her mri scan because of her health problem. she firstly wanted to know how bad her heart and a cardiologist examined Suslu saying she had C2 level (in Turkey might be different scaling) MVD. She also wanted to have suslu's teeth cleaned and some of them removed (her teeth are at really really bad condition) as teeth effect the hearth and went another vet for it after 2 months. the second vet did all examination, cheching etc. yesterday for teeth and said Suslu's heart rate was like the most 168 and the least 143 He said he could not operate her with this heart rate, if he would Suslu probably wont wake up

My friend is now in dilemma. Suslu's teeth has to be done, otherwise they will keep effect her heart badly day after day. On the other hand, her heart is not strong enough to have anestesia. We are trying to find a way to follow, we thought about removal operation without anestesia but we dont want to put her in pain as lots of teeth might be removing :S

I asked my friend to have Suslu's teeht photo to Show you how bad her teeth are. I hope she could manage to take. So, any idea is appreciated for us cos we are sooo desperate Thank you...