Hi, my name is Terrie and I live in Australia. I have a Cavalier pup, Mac, aged 18 weeks, who is a joy, such a happy little chap.
i joined this site to read about all things Cavalier, as we have never had a Cav before. We are going to obedience classes but Mac is so distracted and excited by other pups, loose leash walking is proving a challenge to say the least. We practise at home with treats every morning before his breakfast, but even here the slightest thing (lizard, spider, moth) distracts him,so just have to be persistent. He is very with good at sitting! And every time I stop plants his bottom and looks up expectantly for his treat.

looking forward to reading all your posts and if anyone has ideas about good toys for Mac, let me know. How has soft toys, a large soft dog he sleeps with, a soft cow that squeaks, a rope with squeak head, a conch, a rubber bone, but he gets bored.