I haven't posted much here lately, but I wanted to update you on my little Tess. She has been losing weight and drinking a lot of water lately, so we went to see the vet. The test results are not good. Tess has liver cancer. They don't know exactly what type of cancer it is and in order to find out they'd probably need to do surgery for a piece of her liver to run tests on. The cancer is throughout her liver--many nodules--so we're talking palliative cancer care if we move forward. Given that she has a weak heart, and that this doesn't sound like a cancer she can truly recuperate from, my daughter and I have decided to make her happy and let her live out the rest of her life without the chemo intervention.

I called the vet today and explained what we had decided. I'm going to pick up a pain prescription later, and start feeding her tasty tidbits to see if we can keep her appetite going and put a little weight on her. She seems frail and delicate all of a sudden, but we're going to have as much fun in her life as possible over the time we have left with her.