Hello everyone.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of Campylobacter at all?

Weekend before last Teddy started to have runny yellow poo. We immediately put him onto white food (rice, chicken etc.,) and monitored his fluid intake etc., but the runny poo continued. At times like water, at times like diarreah, gloopy and a bit of mucus. On atleast three nights in the first five days we were up with him every two hours at night so he could go outside for either a poo, or to attempt one. By mid week we took him to the vets as he didn't seem to getting better. They gave him a thorough check over. Not sore in the belly, no temperature, no swollen tummy etc., generally a happy little boy except for the runs.

We had taken in a sample, so they sent that off for testing. The test has now come back, and he appears to have Campylobacter. They want to put him on a course of antibiotics for 10 days, although they have said that it is an antibiotic generally used in humans not dogs and we have to sign something to say that is ok.

Teddy is actually getting a little better since taking the test in, and his poo is firming up, not as yellow and can actually be picked up now rather than scraped up. In himself he appears to be completely normal, he isn't weak, or having other problems.

I, however, have had stomach cramps since about the same time as he started. At first I thought it was coincidence, but now Im wondering if it has anything to do with it? Although I certainly havn't been drinking out of the same muddy puddles as him

Anyway, long story, short question - any thoughts about this human antibiotic idea?

Also, just wondering when we ought to try to re-introduce his normal food back into his diet - he can't surely stay on rice, chicken, fish, cottage cheese and pasta forever?

All the best
Lynne and Teddy