Sorry for repeated the thread but I realised that it is better to post here since it is more topic related.

Hi all,

I am a ckcs owner from Malta. My little baby is just 7 months of age and i love her to bits. My baby's name is Bliss! Bliss always had a habit of biting her hind quarters. As time went by she also started to scratch and sometimes she also yelped and turned towards her hindquarters. This yelping only lasted for a split of a second. I have watched videos of cavalier affected from syringomelia and although my bliss' symptoms are not as severe as those watched in videos it is still very similar.

I am very worried my first vet told me she had full anal glands and he emptied them for her. The second vet said she has an allergy. He checked for lux patella and hip dysplasia and they are fine. Now I tried another vet and told me that probably she has SM deducing this from the symptoms I described.

Please note in my country we have no MRI and we have no neurologists + the insurance is not very good. Therefore I cannot be sure if it is sm or not and surgery is not possible

Yesterday I visited a new vet and he does not think that this condition is rare like most vets think in Malta. However he still does not have the machinery to test for it. He gave me rimadyl for when she is in pain, however her pain does not lost for more than a second so I don't know when I should give it to her.

Is there someone who can help me out there? I am very lost !