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Thread: Car sickness

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    Question Car sickness

    I have been offered a new job in my home province of Newfoundland, and we will be making the verrrryyy long road trip from Ontario this Sunday. The furthest I've travelled by car with the dogs is about 9 hours but this trip will last about 3.5 days total with stops at night.

    Gracie has very bad car sickness and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for such a long trip?

    I find that if I feed her within 4-5 hours of a car trip (as short as 20-30 minute ride) she ends up vomiting. My vet has provided a gravol dosage (dimenhydrinate) but I still can only feed them when we stop at night.

    I usually feed them twice a day so should I cut down their food a bit for the few days since they will only be fed once, at night? Are there any snack suggestions to tide them over a little during the day while we are driving, without upsetting their stomachs?

    Lady (1.5 year old tricolour) & Gracie (4 year old blenheim)
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    Well, I happen to love long car trips however nothing sounds worse than a dogs throwing up the whole way!!!!! I would def feed only at night, just feed her both portions and she should be alright. Can you only give dimenhydrinate with food? Then shoot for a small snack first thing in the morning with meds. Does your vet have any other suggestions? I would for sure ask.
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    Try ginger biscuits for snacks, they are very good for settling the stomach and much used (at least in the UK) for car sickness!

    Kate, Oliver and Aled

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