Bentley is extremely shy. He is 8 mos old and we have had him 6 weeks. He was raised in a kennel with other dogs and not alot of human attention.

He is very wary of people and its an ongoing issue we are dealing with. We havent been able to take him out in the piblic because the breeder neglected his puppy shots and the last ones are being given tomorrow. This really irritates me about this breeder.

He sees eye contact as a threat. I know this because I play fetch the ball and he will only return it when I look away. I accidentally figured this out a few days ago. He is so distrustful. If you are looking at him he will not come when called. I have been working on the come training with a leash but not much success. I have had to put a 15' cotton rope on him sometimes to get him back in the house to catch him.

I have tried treats and that doesnt work either. He truly acts like his life is at stake which is strange with me because he never lets me out of his sight. I am home with him all day every day and he is at my feet 24/7 in the house, even takes naps on my lap.

I dont know if its because he was brow beaten by the alpha dog in the kennel, if the breeder abused him or what. I am planning on taking him to a socialization class and that is going to be hard because when he has a leash on he cowers and hides between my legs and is so terrified.

Funny part is he isnt like that out in the yard on his own. Would not know its the same dog. He is very smart, learns really fast and we have to be very careful - no scolding.

He is very affectionate and loving and extremely dependent on me. I have never had a dog like this so it is a learning process to deal with him.