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Thread: Vets that have knowledge on SM in the Solihull area?

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    Long time no see! Sorry we havent been posting any updates recently, Ive been so busy I havent had any time.

    Ziggy has been doing great over the past few weeks and theres no changes there. We have been able to walk him, and on the occasion even play with him! Its been amazing being able to walk him round. Last week we went to Wales (around the Swansea/Mumbles area) for a weeks break which we really enjoyed, Ziggy even managed to sneak in a few walks here and there which would have *not* happened if it wasn't for the steroids. Hes been doing amazing. I would have taken him out more my self, but I ended up with some nasty stomach lurgy 2 days before going and still had it even when I thought I was rid of it half way through the holiday, so there wasnt much energy to be walking him around . We came back on last Saturday which was after all the bad storms and it didnt seem to bother his conditions that much which is good.

    I have also noticed his much more happier in himself and hes more fussy as of late which is nice! Luckily, the only side affect that seems to show from his steroids is the hunger, his hunger is a bit silly now. Hes definitely more food focused than he was before. We did speak with Stephanie recently to get the meds before the holiday and she said at one point we should probably consider taking his dosage down to half again? Im totally against this as I know what hes like on half and he shows a lot of symptoms on half compared to near to no symptoms on the full. She seems to think that his steroid dosage is rather high where as Sebastian said it was relatively low and we could even *up* it if need be.... I think theres quite a few mixed messages here! Would we be right in standing our ground and saying no to halfing his tablet? We know having him on a higher dosage will take one option away from us when he gets worse. While we want him living, we want him alive and well, not alive and sort of okay but not really, especially as a higher dose can bring such comfort to him. We want to go for quality not quantity. We couldnt walk him on half a steroid, where as on a full steroid, we can walk him just like old times. Thats a massive leap forward.

    PS: Very much looking forward to the companion Cavalier event! I think Ziggy will definitely be coming with us if he keeps this progress up!
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