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Thread: Vets that have knowledge on SM in the Solihull area?

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    The Companion Cavalier Club held an excellent Health Seminar in late 2014. One of the speakers was Clare Rusbridge on the results of the latest CM/SM research and treatments. This very good talk is now available as a DVD from the Cavalier Matters online shop: A very good thing to hand out to ignorant vets - I think a lot of them were given it for Christmas!

    I think we all feel like ranting from time to time! Both CM/SM and heart disease can be bred away from if human beings would bother to test their dogs and take them out of their breeding programme if they test positive for these diseases. I hope you have signed the petition asking the Kennel Club to make health testing mandatory of parents before they will register Cavalier puppies: Have a look at the Cavaliers are Special Facebook page, which has hundreds of comments from people who have signed the petition. 23,000 signatures so far.

    And you might enjoy (but also be moved by) this latest video from the campaign:

    Kate and Ruby

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    I was so very sorry to read that you had lost your precious Ziggy I had the pleasure of meeting you, 'Mum' and Ziggy at the summer party, and was so impressed with your loving care for Ziggy.

    thank you for giving him a wonderful life and doing your very best for him. I'm thrilled that his journey has led you into helping rescues and maybe even into a career working with animals, that's an incredible legacy for Ziggy to leave.

    i have had 9 Cavaliers now with CM/SM (two CM only), sadly I've been told that for some of them, in a 'normal' home, their symptoms would not have been identified so they would have suffered for years

    the amazing charity, is doing its very best to raise awareness, amongst numerous other projects, perhaps you could contact Tania if this is an area where you would like to help?
    Nicki, Tommy and Daisy (Shih Tzu )
    Supporting and


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