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Thread: Vets that have knowledge on SM in the Solihull area?

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    Yes, I know that Zitac is not marketed as a diuretic but something quite different, but for dogs with CM/SM, Zitac acts as an effective diuretic. When Aled went into heart failure and was put on frusamide, the cardiologist stopped his Zitac because he didn't need to be on two diuretics. Oliver is on Topiramate, which again reduces CSF as a way of dealing with inter-cranial pressure (for humans it's an epilepsy drug), and again stopped Zitac when he was put on the alternative. Clare Rusbridge's treatment algorithm describes cimetidine as 'a CSF pressure reducing drug'. Because there are virtually no drugs produced specifically for CM/SM, neurologists have had to be inventive in using drugs designed for other conditions (in both dogs and humans) that also have properties that can help with CM/SM. I'm surprised that Zitac is used for kidney and liver disease, since my two CM/SM dogs, when they have been on it, have had to have 3-6 monthly blood tests to make sure that its diuretic properties were not damaging the kidneys or liver. Both have now stopped Zitac, but still have regular blood tests for the alternatives they are taking (frusemide and topiramate), and for the same reason - potential damage to the kidneys and liver by prolonged use of a diuretic.

    Kate, Oliver and Aled
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