So, Maddie is now three months old, I've had her on Fromms Gold puppy food. She's doing well on it. I feed my other dog (I have a 13 year old Toy Poodle, Bailey) Fromms Surf and Turf. Just from looking at the ingredients on the bag, and checking the protein level (the puppy food is actually lower in protein, sort of surprised me since I had always heard puppies need higher protein), and the calcium/phosphorous ratio, they do seem quite similar. It seems to me, that if you feed a high quality food, that feeding a puppy food would not really be necessary?

Does anyone out there have any thoughts on this? I am considering switching Maddie over to Fromms Surf and Turf, gradually, by adding the Surf and Turf in with the Fromm Gold puppy food. Any advice, suggestions, or thoughts?