I'm posting this here even though the dog isn't a cavalier. After blaming my mother for her dog's eating habits, I'm finally here visiting. Her dog is an insane monster (she's actually a very sweet dog, but such trouble).

The situation is this my mother has tried feeding her dog: dog food, canned dog food, chicken, turkey, beef, scallops, rabbit, shrimp, duck, fruits, yogurt, ice cream, pumpkin, cereals, bread. Just about anything, actually.

My mother's dog wants to eat: buttons, makeup, jewelry, anything made of plastic, razors, wood, lizards and things she can catch and kill herself (at one point she got some baby rabbits, those were her favorite) and that's it. She hates food, even human food, and turns her nose up at everything.

This is a one-year old Siberian husky, she can get up onto counters and shelves easily. We're keeping doors closed to many rooms of the house, but it is an open floor plan so about half the house it still accessible.

Her body condition is actually pretty ideal right now, aside from the stealing, and the obvious risk that eating non-food items brings, she's in great health.

What to do about her?