After losing my love, Bentley, in September (he was only 8, he had Cushings and CHF). I couldn't stand being without a Cavalier, and, I was taking his death very hard, I needed something to help me smile again. After a short search, some wonderful people told me about a litter of half Cavalier puppies, I took one look and I knew the little redheaded girl was the one for me.

So, here she is... Maddie!! I have had her a month now, she is so smart, so calm and laid-back, and catches on so quickly. It's as if she were born here, she has such a happy outgoing nature. Her mom is a purebred blenheim Cavalier (the breeding was not planned, mom escaped while at someone's house and met up with the dog next door), dad is a Poodle/Yorkie mix.