I have two little blenheims, brother and sister, who are both healthy and happy at nine months old. When we bought them we saw health checks/certificates for mum and dad that covered MVD, DC/CC, EF etc, but the sire had not had an MRI. We could see his mother's MRI scan and she was a 0a, so we hedged ( ).

Unfortunately, we've now seen his scan result which was CM2/SM2. As far as I understand this means he has SM although we have no idea if he is symptomatic.

What I'm completely unsure of is what this might mean for our pups. They don't seem to be showing any symptoms that we can see - they don't show any sign of pain or discomfort when we rub their necks, they have yelped unexpectedly a few times but normally there's a guilty looking cat near by, if anything the only thing we've noticed is that they occasionally itch, the boy at his ears, the girl likes to lean around and nibble her thigh sometimes. It's not frequent, they might scratch once or twice a day and never for long.

As far as I'm aware there would be little point in taking them for scans at this age - is this right? If it would be beneficial that's what I'll do, but I've been told that the scan results can change whilst they're growing or not be especially conclusive. I have no idea if SM is now a foregone conclusion for them or if there's a chance they could avoid it. Is there someone more knowledgeable out there who could shed some light?