We've just got back from the vet. Leo had his heart scan and X-Rays today. There is both good and bad news.
The bad news is that as expected Leo has CHF. His Mitral valve is not doing what its supposed to do and as a result he has also developed extra strain on the heart muscle, which is now beginning to "stretch".
The vet has started him on Cardalis to add to the Vetmedin and Frusemide. I have to take him back in 2 weeks for a review and they have said they will most likely stop/decrease the Frusemide.

The good news is that there was improvement on the static x-ray and he has lost 1kg in weight since last week which I guess is mostly fluid. His lungs are also clearer.
I can start slowly increasing his exercise again, at the moment Im walking him no longer than 10minutes. Ive also started him on Omega 3 fish oil.

Again we had a very frank talk, my vet is very realistic and very honest
We just have to take one day at a time and manage his symptoms as they arise.
The other good news is that Leo is cheerful, happy and surprisingly energetic at the moment

So thats it.....thank you again for replying to my posts and as always any advice you can give is more appreciated than you'll ever know.

Mel x