Hi everybody,
it has been awhile since last time I visited here. We were going back and forth when buying new puppy. Then with some encouragement from vets and some breeders that we just had terrible bad luck, we decided to get another cavalier. God I feels so stupid! I wanted this dog to be our new family member, new friend for my kids. We found a breeder, traveled to different country to get her. Chose a breeder who is testing for SM, the parents are SM free, the mom just had her second scan…SM 0. We got the puppy on the beginning of the month. Very energetic young girl. It was hard at first as the only dog I wanted was my Nairin who just recently died on SM. Then she gave me the puppy/cav look and I just couldn't help myself. Not her fault.

So the puppy we have is scratching, mainly around her head. Took her to the vets (3) and one found flea eggs. So we gave her frontline as the vet suggested. She had her vaccination on 12.11, frontline 12.17 and we dewormed her on 12.23
Still scratching though. One vet checked her heart and she said that it sounds different. Not like a murmur, but just different. she said that we will check on that in two weeks and will see.
Then the puppy started have yelping episodes on 12.24. It happened 4 times that day and twice yesterday. She will yelp out of the sudden and then look to her bottom. Yesterday she was outside playing with my kids on the backyard happily and then again…yelped, look at me all puzzled and then looked to her bottom/tail. It only takes few seconds and then she acts normally.

I'm frighten! This can't be it! Not again. I can't go thru the same again. I'm trying to figure out our next step. Normal vet? Dermatologist? Neurologist? I was going to take the kids on holiday tomorrow, now what?
We can see the dermatologist on Monday, dermatologist tomorrow and vet obviously anytime.
anybody has an idea what this could be? I'm obviously paranoid and have too much information as my vet said.