Hello all. This is my first post to cavaliertalk. I'm searching for some answers from veteran Cavalier owners. On December 26, my little baby, Cooper, passed away while being neutered. I am still in shock. I can't believe my sweet little boy is gone. He checked out perfectly fine at every vet visit. We even had blood work done, which wasn't even recommended on dogs younger than seven years old, to ensure he would tolerate the anesthesia, which came back perfect.
The vet said Cooper did fantastic during the surgery, and was fine even when they removed the anesthesia and put him on oxygen. It is when they removed the oxygen that he said Cooper's breathing became very shallow, and immediately after his heart stopped. The vet said he did everything he could, giving copious amounts of atropine, mechanically breathing for him, CPR, even an epinephrine shot directly to his heart, but he couldn't bring him back.
I am still stunned. The vet is blaming the breeder, and the breeder is blaming the vet, and I am just blaming myself. The vet said he had to have had an underlying heart condition that couldn't be detected. Our breeder says cav's are very sensitive to anesthesia and the vet must've given him more anesthesia than he needed.
I just don't understand. My baby was so perfect, happy, and seemingly healthy before this. I didn't even want to get him fixed, it just seemed like the responsible thing to do for him.

Please, someone, has anyone heard of or encountered this? I know I will never truly know the cause, but I'm just heartbroken. I hope someone out there can shed some light on this for me.