This past year we have lost two of our dogs, our eldest Charlie who was 15, and our youngest Lucy, who was only 7,

We have been meaning to post about them for a while,

Charlie passed away first, he came to us at 12, from the Bluecross rescue, he wasn't expected to live too long with the condition his heart was in, however we were blessed to have him in our home and lives for 3 and a half years, to see him pass his fifteenth birthday was amazing,
Charlie was a fantastic old man, everything good about Cavaliers was in his make up, a gentle old soul, all he wanted or needed was a cuddle or pet from whoever he met,
He loved his walks, and even rite up to the end, would toddle around the block at his own sedate pace,

Lucy passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, she had a heart murmur from birth, and as such, received quarterly checks from our vet all her life, she'd only just had her latest check a few weeks prior to passing away, and everything was stable, Lisa had been in town, and came home to find Lucy had slipped away in her basket, her heart just failed.
We'd had Lucy from 10weeks old, and she was the real baby of our house, our son Kieran adored her, and she worshipped him, she was never far from his side, she was a little more neurotic than Charlie, and a little wary of things outside the norm, but to us she was a dream, and the house is incredibly empty without her yapping at every passing thing out the window.

This is Lucy with Kieran at approx. 10 weeks old, and Kieran was 2and a half

Down the river

With Charlie

The last pic we took of her


Sound asleep

His last pic

Both these two have been a real privilege to have had in our lives, we loved them to bits, and miss them massively, it wont stop us from rescuing though, as we just love dogs in the house......a house with no dogs is not a home,

Jake and Megan are still here, and we recently brought home Belle, a 9year old from a local rescue charity, but we'l introduce her properly in her own post, so it's still a busy house, although a bit quieter