Hello all.

its been 5 year that I got my little Poppet and despite some horrible issues with allergies which took the vet about 4 months to sort, she has recently developed further problems.

in short she had facial paralysis on the left side (her left) which I spotted quite quickly. The vets have done ear tests, blood tests, X-rays and even an MRI but nothing.

They ruled it off as ideopathic after milking the insurance.

in the last 2 days, Poppet has become much more unsure on her feet when negotiating tricky ground (cushions, simple jumps) and the other side of her face has became paralysed.

its back to the vets tomorrow but I'm worried at this point all they see is another hefty insurance claim rather than an actual solution.

im hoping someone here may have an insight to the issue. I'll state what I know:

She is a 5 year old, done at 8 months and full vaccinated
she is on steroids for her allergies (these have been ruled out as the cause)
initial paralysis started on the left side of her facial muscle 45 days ago
subsequent paralysis started on the right side 2 days ago along with increased clumsyness
xray showed nothing
posm ruled out
MRI showed nothing (he seemed confused when I asked if there was any sign of SM so I'm not ruling that out)
no obvious pain expressed
no loss of appetite or desire to move around
no bowl or bladder issues
no scratching
blood tests showed no thyroid issues
no heart issues
no issues with biting, fur loss etc
eats the same Pedegree dog food every day of her life

Finally nothing at all wrong my my other Cavalier who is a dog also of 5 years (and done at 4). He eats, sleeps and plays in the same places

Any ideas or suggestion appreciated

also any known and trusted vets near Chester le Street also welcome for referrals