Fletcher will be 2 in Feb. and as we all know cavaliers are collectible. I am really really thinking about starting my search for a puppy. I been slowly coming up with a few breeders I want to learn more about but I know I have to get myself out of the puppy fever and into proper cavaleir buying mode. I have been trying to find a rescue but man its hard and I do think some of the reason I have been having a hard time on that front is Mr. Monster. He is 6 now and not all small kids are brats or untrained dog owners but I do think that is a stereotype that is working against me. I am asking all the important questions to myself and my husband (who would gladly welcome 1 or 3 cavalier into our home- whatever you want Honey, just be wise about health) Can I afford a second insurance policy, uncovered vet care? Food, another crate, grooming another cavalier, cleaning up the lovely dog hair, training another puppy (it was work), how would another pup effect Fletcher or Mr,. Monster? I know I have the time and love for another cavalier. After I soul search and honestly answer those questions then there is the major task of finding the "right" breeder. Believe me I do not need the lecture, I know I know and I will not buy from anyone skipping any corners. Then actually finding the puppy for us. Ahhhhhhhhh its a lot but I still am finding myself ready to do it.

Hummmmm...anybody else feeling puppy fever????