I'm very sorry to say that it has become increasingly difficult to manage Lauren's pain from CM/SM, so to save her from further suffering, she is to be given her wings tomorrow morning.

Lauren has the Chiari malformation and syrinxes the length of her spine; we have consulted extensively with her vets and pain management specialist at Glasgow Small Animal Hospital who have been brilliant as partners in her care and in managing her issues over the last few years. Lauren's condition is believed to have been exacerbated by our exposure to chronic carbon monoxide poisoning over a period of several years

From the moment she was born, just over 4 1/2 years ago, I knew she would be stopping with us - I had really wanted a Tricolour girl. She has been so very special to me from the moment of her birth. It took a long time for my husband to bond with her, but she eventually worked her magic on him too. We are both devastated at losing our beautiful, precious girl. It is the hardest decision to make but the most loving one.

A couple of favourite photos:

Lauren is going through the Cavalier collection scheme to assist research into Syringomyelia, Chronic Pancreatitis & Diabetes Mellitus in dogs and Mitral Valve Disease. http://www.thecavaliercollectionscheme.org

A huge thank you to Margaret Carter and researcher Penny Knowler for making the arrangements, it was complicated due to our geographic location, but we all persevered.

All Cavaliers are valuable for the scheme, but those whom have been MRI'd are particularly valuable.

I know none of us like to think about the possibility of ever losing our beloved companions, it just hurts too much, but by giving this gift of love, something positive can come out of your loss.