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    Default Poor DJ...

    He has had a horrible start to the new year. He has Spondolosis of the lower spine and on Sunday he hurt himself when he ran out of his basket too quickly after rising and hurt himself. He was resting all Sunday evening and Mon and Tues also but despite rest and Metacam, which we always have in for him, there was no improvement, when usually he is right as rain in a day or two.

    On Tuesday night/early hours of new years he was very unwell, panting with pain and breathing heavily and very unsettled
    I gave him 1/2 a Valium (which we always have in for him or Gus) and sat in his basket with him, just rubbing him until he eventually fell asleep.

    In the morning he was no better, so we rang our vet surgery and were thankfully told to come straight away to the emergency clinic.
    They gave him a morphine injection and they think that although he has spondolosis he seems to have also hurt his neck, probably from holding himself stiff because of his back...
    They didn't keep him in because it was a bank holiday, so we were allowed to take him home with Metacam and Tramadol. He is on strict rest, not a problem as he is just lying in bed day and night, he is eating in the bed too and drinking, but sometimes won't drink from his bowl so I use a syringe and he gets carried out to the garden for toilet breaks. He seemed to be improving this morning, except on these toilet breaks he is very uncomfortable and if he moves his neck a certain way, even in his basket, he shrieks and lifts his front paw, he also cannot shake himself which he keeps trying to do after a wee. I called the vet this evening and spoke to the head vet, who said to give him Valium along with the Tramadol and Metacam as it sounds like his neck muscle going into spasm, which is what I actually thought as I get the same thing myself.

    We are to keep him quiet as we are now and if no improvement by Monday bring him into the vets. We will probably need x-rays again but I am really worried as he has never ever been this bad.

    He is sleeping now. He doesn't even try to get out of his bed at all, even if we go to the livingroom and he always loves to sit with us

    Please keep him in your thoughts. I do hope I can come back with better news on Monday.

    Also any advice at all if anyone has experienced this would be very helpful.
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    I'm so sorry. Poor baby. Oliver has always had horrible spinal problems and has periodic flare-ups during which he will not move. The only thing that has helped him during those times is short-term prednisone, not tramadol or metacam. It might be worth a try to reduce the acute inflammation. I hate the thought of him going the whole weekend in such pain.
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    That's a terrible way for DJ to start off the new year. I hope by now the pain meds are helping him feel a little better. Sydney had spondolosis down his entire spine and I always had Metacam and Tramadol available for him too. Keeping him calm and resting is the best thing to do right now. Let us know how he's doing.
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    Oh no, poor DJ. That sounds awful -- for you as well as for him. It is so hard when they are in pain. I have never known of anyone dealing with this in their cavalier personally, so no ideas on what to do, but fingers crossed for him that he improves and the vets can find something that works well for him. I am glad that some others can give good advice above, though.
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    I cannot offer any advise, but wanted to let you know I am thinking about you and DJ and hoping things improve... poor baby.
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    Hiya,.....So sorry to read this poor DJ. I really hope that things improve and time and the right medication will eventually help. Its horrible to watch these adorable little dogs suffer....thinking of you, please give him a gentle hug from Leo and I and do keep us up todate.

    Mel xxx
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