We had a followup appointment at the vet today. Leo has been on the cardiac drugs and diuretics for a month now and they wanted to see how he is doing.

The vet we saw is the same one we've seen since the beginning as he requested that he follow Leo through which I am more than happy with.

He is very pleased with him. He has decreased the frusemide for 2 weeks then if he's ok we can decrease it further leaving him on a permanent smaller dose. His heart rate is now normal as is his breathing. He also said I can start increasing Leo's walks again providing he tolerates them. Im glad about this as I really want to keep his weight down.

I know this improvement maybe short lived but Im delighted. In himself Leo is the same old Leo....I have to take him back in 5 weeks (unless his condition changes) and then he should be followed up every 3 months....the vet said he also wants to do another scan at some point to monitor closely any deterioration of his heart.

The vet did say its hard to hear Leo's heart at times as when he put the stethoscope to Leo's chest, Leo insists on giving lots of kisses to him

Can anyone suggest the correct length of walk now.....I was thinking maybe 20-30mins and see how he goes...


Mel x