Our sweet boy has been diagnosed with CUPS after a recent dental cleaning. We were informed that he has developed ulcers in his mouth (fortunately they did not seem to be causing pain) and that this condition is somewhat prevalent in the breed. We have been unaware until now that this was even a certain disease of which we should have concern.

My questions regarding this condition focus on treatment and prevention. We were given antibiotics to help reduce and heal the ulcers. I am weary of antibiotic use but would rather this than steroids (another option I have researched). However, other than regular brushing and future dental cleanings it doesn't seem there is much we can do to help this. Our vet recommended a possible change in food to a Hill's food with tartar reducing properties. However, our boy has food allergies and we prefer a higher quality good with better ingredients.

If there are any suggestions on how we can help treat and prevent this disease from worsening I would be so appreciative of the advice. We adore our Cavalier and he is just like my other children - I want the best for him and his quality of life.