I have an 8-month-old Tri-colored male named Charlie. I feel like we have rather regressed in our potty training. He was doing so well for a while, and then I started trusting him and giving him pretty much run of the house. I always and still do, keep a close eye on him and keep a log of when he pees and poops outside. Lately, he has been surprising me when I walk into another room and find that he has pooped or even, squats and pees while he’s looking right at me! Charlie is a pretty quiet dog, so he wouldn’t bark at the door or doesn’t let me know that he has to go out, that’s why I keep the log. At 8-months-old I feel that during the day I am letting him out every hour. Shouldn’t he be holding it longer than that? He does “most” of the night (I get up once at night to let him out), but I feel that if I don’t let him out every hour he’s going to pee someplace while I’m not looking or maybe even doing it while looking right at me. What should I be doing?

Thank you.

Shell – Charlie’s Mom