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Thread: retinal detachment and new puppy

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    Default retinal detachment and new puppy

    Hi everyone,

    I'm scheduled to go see a 15 wk old puppy in 2 days. I just received a message from the breeder that she has retinal detachment in one eye.
    Per her message, "She has a very small part of her retina that has detached. It will not get worse, she will not go blind, what she has is what it will be forever."

    I found the breeder from the CKCSC website. The parents are eye,heart,hip, and patella cleared.
    It sounds like the breeder had her checked by a vet recently and found out about this issue.
    We've been exchanging emails for about 2 weeks now and this is the first time she mentioned this problem.

    Is retinal detachment considered a minor problem in cavaliers?
    What would you do if you were in my situation?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    I am not sure that what this breeder is saying will turn out to be correct. If you google retinal detachment in dogs you will find that it can be very serious.

    I would hesitate to take on this puppy on the advice of the owner's local vet. Retinal detachment can indicate underlying illnesses or it can progress to complete blindness A vet is unlikely to be knowledgeable enough to be able to say for sure.

    If the breeder has taken the puppy to a Veterinary Opthamologist then I would want to talk to that eye specialist or at least see a detailed report.

    Are you still expected to pay full price for the puppy?
    Margaret C

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