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Thread: How much do you feed your puppy?

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    Default How much do you feed your puppy?

    I am bringing home my 8 week old cavalier on friday and was wondering how much you guys fed your babies when they were little? I was going to do three times a day but not sure if i should measure out a certain amount?

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    I would feed hcan't at first, the way the breeder did, with the same food. Going into a new home can be stressful so you don't want to change things all at once. Once he is acclimated to your home, decide what is best for your lifestyle. For Bella, her breeder free fed. I personally prefer scheduled meal times. I'm home for all three meals, so I gradually changed Bella to 3 meals a day. The important thing is to decide how much food is needed in a day and portion out accordingly. Also take into account treats. You can use some of his mealtime food for some of his treats. Bella is now 17 months, she gets about 1/3 cup of food for breakfast, a small biscuit at lunch and a 1/3 cup for dinner. Treats include pieces of fruit or vegetables. An 8 week old puppy is still growing, so may need more.

    Good luck and can't wait to hear how is goes!
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    Go with what the breeder says, unless its free feeding. Meal times are so much better for cavaliers (or any breed) because allowing them to become overweight is super bed for them. However, puppies are growing so its really hard to judge. I was advised to feed Fletcher three times a day, 1/4 of a cup of the kibble they were feeling the pups. DO NOT SWITCH food brands right away you will pay dearly. I ended up feeding Fletcher a little more than 1/4 cup, just with my human babies I wanted to offer as much as they wanted in a feeding session. With a pup that's about 20 mins. Remember your pup might not eat at all for a day or too, that is normal too. Keep offering tho, put his food down (I always feed mine in his crate) for 20-25 mins then pick it up and offer again at teh next feeding time.
    Do you know what type of food he is on now? I would ask and have it on hand. However I think you need to do your own research on how to feed your dog. Many poeple feed kibble and/or wet dog food, however there are benefits to a commerically made raw food too. Go the to help you see how his current food ranks and if you want to change him.

    Also it is the opinion of myslef and others on CT that puppies do not need special "puppy food". You might want to talk to your vet about this but for me personally I switched Fletcher to a top quility kibble and canned regular food within weeks of owning him.
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