As usual I went into my local Boots Chemist today for a tube of Lacrilube for Holly P, but I was told they are out of stock 'due to manufacturing difficulties', so I got a bus into Sutton Coldfield, where they have a bigger branch, only to be told the same thing. I asked for Viscotears as an alternative, but they have sold out of that because there has been a rush on it due to the problem with Lacrilube.

Back in Erdington High Street there are 3 different pharmacies: When Lloyds told me they have Laci in stock I asked for 3 tubes, only to be told they only have one left in stock, so on I went to Superdrug, who initially told me they are out of stock, but then found a single tube at the back of the shelf. So I went on to the small family run pharmacy at the top of the road, where I am well known because I get all my prescriptions there. Not a problem at all in buying another 4 small tubes so now I have 6, which should last a couple of months.