Hi All,

I have a 6mo. male cav. It is my first time owning this breed & I am totally in love!

Remy is an adorable love bug and he is definintaly "my" dog. He prefers to be with me, sit with me, sleep with me, etc...over other humans in our house (although he loves everyone!).

Here is the problem:

He will not come up to me when I need to take him out for potty or a walk or to kennnel when I need to leave. I spend quite awhile chasing him around the room until I can get him. Now, I'm sure he thinks it is a fun game as he is looking pretty happy while doing it! Meanwhile, I'm worn out from trying to contain him to get his harness/lead on...haha!

Unfortunally, I cannot just open my door and let him out. He does need to be picked up to be taken outside on a lead or into a small kennel area because our 2 acre yard is not fenced in. He only uses his small kennel for potty. I do walk him around on a lead in the yard and beyond for a good 30min. 2x a day.

Things I currently do:

I do say "Remy Come" and he loves coming because he gets a treat...but, he makes sure he stays far enough away so he can grab snack, but, I can't grab him. (I try this with a toy too & same results).

I try sitting calmly and let him come up to me--but, as soon as I reach for him, he runs.

I let him come up to me and just pet/play with him w/o picking him, hoping he will learn that everytime I call him dosen't mean he will be picked up--however, he still won't come up to me when I really need him to.

Is this a common characterisic for this breed? What tips would some of you expirenced cav owners have? Thanks for any suggestions!